Best Fitness Gyms in Eldoret Town To join

Are you looking for a fitness gyms in Eldoret, Kenya?  For everyone living in the town, maintaining a healthy weight requires frequent training at the best gym in Eldoret Town.

Most of the time, Uasin Gishu County residents have trouble figuring out where to go to a decent gym where they can work out with kind fitness instructors who can advise them on the best exercises to perform in order to lose weight more quickly or gain it back.

Eldoret has multiple fitness centers to meet the needs of its citizens in terms of health and fitness. The best and most affordable fitness centers in Eldoret are listed below.

Importantly, create a realistic workout routine and know some of the gym safety measures before starting training.

In addition, before joining a gym, you also need to know the things to do on your first day at the gym to avoid gym injuries.

List of Best Gyms In Eldoret Town

  1. Billy’s fitness Depot

Billy’s Fitness Depot fitness center focuses on its customers’ health in addition to fitness. With its absurdly large space, this facility attracts a lot of celebrities. It provides boxing, yoga, aerobics, weight reduction, and cardio vascular training exercises. The parking lot and changing areas are made to entice newcomers.


It is located close to central bank, along Sirikwa road.

Phone: 0721 225650 for more information.

           2. Veecam Fitness Centre

Veecam Fitness Centre is one of the best fitness gyms in Eldoret that offers best training environment.  The customers’ well-being and physical fitness are its main goals during the training sessions.

Among the training activities offered here are aerobics, yoga, Zumba, salsa dancing techniques, body tones, cardiovascular programs, body building exercises, and more.


The Veecam Fitness Center is situated at the Veecam residence on Oloo Street.

Contact: 0702 972133 for more information.

  1. Power Gym and Fitness Centre

Power Gym and Fitness Centre offers affordable and effective gym sessions as it has some of the best training equipments.

This fitness center has been providing Eldoret town residents and visitors with appropriate fitness solutions since it opened every day on Sunday.

Among many other skills, it trains a variety of aerobics, marathon races, yoga, spinning, circuit training, rumba dancing, and sonder dancing.

Adorable cardio vascular machines, cabling machines, dumbbells, kettle bells, and plates are among the exercise equipment in this center. Here, trainers are more concerned with the objectives of their students than with their own.


It is located in Kona Mbaya Langas Kapseret specifically Once building next to the holiness church of Calvary, off Kisumu road.  

Contact: 0704 606673

      4.  Eden’s gymnasium

The Eden Fitness Center is among the best gyms in Eldoret. It is housed in a spacious space that can hold up to 100 people at once. It is current with the coolest workouts in the fitness industry thanks to its most cutting-edge training equipment.

Fitness dancing techniques, strength training, circuit training, martial arts training, and other activities that their clients may find interesting are some of the enjoyable activities offered here.

You can use the training materials for any type of exercise you choose. After training, you can take a hot or cold shower.


It is located at Pemugu building, along Uganda road.

Phone: 0721 764555 for more information.

      5. Sizo Fitness Gym Eldoret

This is one of the Eldoret Town’s reputable gyms that offers fat loss programs that include body tone, shape-up, and weightlifting programs. They also offer fitness classes like Zumba, aerobic, and yoga.

Their training takes place in a lively setting with approachable instructors who make you feel at ease.


965 Eldoret, Kenya

Contact:  +254 790 193426 for more information.

    6. Rauka fitness

One of the greatest gyms in the city, Rauka Fitness offers its members efficient training regimens. This gym has qualified trainers on staff who are happy to help members regardless of their training level.

Furthermore, Rauka Fitness has a physiotherapy room staffed by qualified therapists who can offer you comforting words following your workout. Physical activities are very important to your general health.

In addition, they offer karate, boxing, Zumba, yoga, and aerobic classes.


It is located  along Eldoret-nakuru highway.

Contact: +254 707 193496 for more information.

    7. Max Fit Gym

Max Fit Gym is one of the best gyms that you may consider. They give trainees access to a small, comfortable changing area with drawers.

Additionally, they are fitness instructors who can offer you advice on how to train effectively. You can sign up for classes that are aerobic.


Address: G7MQ+9Q4, Eldoret, Kenya

Contact: +254 713 206282 for more information.

     8. Steps Gym and Spa

This is one of the county’s most modern fitness centers. Because of its innovative design, the students can unwind while receiving fitness instruction. No matter the trainees’ degree of training or fitness, its friendly instructors are always happy to help.

Professional physiotherapists work in the gym’s physiotherapy room, providing trainees with a relaxing massage following a strenuous fitness program.

Additionally, the gym offers trainers for dance, yoga, boxing, karate, physical aerobics, Zumba, and Swiss ball.


It is located in Johannesburg plaza, along Oloo street.

Contact: 0721 380381 for more information.

     9. Moi University Gymnasium

Located on the main campus of Moi University, this fitness center is the ideal spot to shed some extra pounds. It provides, among other things, body weight exercise, heart fitness, and stationary cycling.

There are excellent gym instructors there who are always willing to help. Because of its training environment and services, this gym has a high rating.

A gym membership is also reasonably priced. In addition, they provide dietary guidance to individuals seeking expedited weight loss.

    10. Trimm Gymnasium and fitness Centre.

This fitness facility is located in the town of Eldoret. There are qualified instructors there. All other fitness centers in the county are out of style when modernity and trim are discussed.

Weightlifting, aerobics, and weight training are some of the activities available here.


It is located atTAMARIND PLACE
Address: G78H+73R, Eldoret

       11. King fisher Youth Centre

This is one of the best gyms in Eldoret that you can join. Residents of Eldoret have come to trust the King Fisher Youth and Fitness Center over time.

It offers distinctive aerobic, Tae Kwondo, and Zumba trainings. These include cross-cabling, cycling, dump bell, and cardiovascular state-of-the-art training apparatuses. Sunday through Sunday is when it is open.

    12. St. Luke’s Orthopedic and Trauma Hospital

In Eldoret town, this roomy fitness center is situated next to the Hindu Temple. Every member of the staff is skilled in their field and has experience dealing with clients.

The gym is open daily until 1900 hours, so its patrons are not under any obligation to adhere to the closing times. This changing area has drawers for storing your car keys and wallet.

     13. University of Eldoret Gymnaesium

This fitness center is situated right before Sogomo Market on the main campus of UOE. Among the training exercises offered here are weightlifting and muscle building. The modern training facilities can help anyone maintain their fitness.

      14. Fitness Hour Clock

Fitness Hour Clock provide fitness training for gym lovers in Eldoret. Beginners receive helpful guidance from the amiable fitness trainers at this fitness center. You can enroll in Zumba classes at the gym to get your aerobic workout.

In addition, this gym features a swimming pool where you can unwind after working out. It is regarded as Eldoret Town best gym you can join.



 Contact: +254 716 906692 for more information.