Mark Henry Net Worth: Wife, Son, Family, Weight Loss In 2024

Many people ask about what is Mark Henry net worth? But before we arrive there, Mark Henry is an American powerlifter, strongman, wrestler, and Olympic weightlifter of all time.

He has competed in several contests that have made him famous across the world. 

Henry was born on June 12, 1971, in Silsbee, Texas.

Actually, Mark Henry made his professional debut in 1996 when he was 25 years old. As you well know, age 20 to 35 are very energetic individuals, especially male individuals.

On that line, Mark Henry trained harder and smarter as he was trained by Leo Burke, the Hart wrestling family, and Lewis Hotchin. 

At this time, Mark weighed in at 412 pounds at six feet and four inches tall making him more energetic and esthetically appealing.

Factually, Mark Henry is the embodiment of willpower and was determined to achieve anything he could.

His physical strength made him set and break world records in weightlifting and wrestling in the bodybuilding industry during his time.

 Since his early days, Henry has been focused on becoming the top and has never losses hope.

Actually, he refused to be held back by life issues and has become a force in the sports world.   

Mark Henry Early life

The real name of the strongest weightlifter is Mark Jerrold Henry and was born in 1971.

His parents are  Barbara Jean and Ernest Henry and have one brother called Pat Henry. Sadly, his father died when Mark Henry was only 12 years old. Henry attended Silsbee High School.

His parents were heavyweight or fat, as most of the family members were physically fat.

For instance, Mark had a great uncle who weighed 500 pounds. When he was 18 years old, he was nicknamed by Los Angeles Times as the strongest teenager due to his physical strength. 

He was also a member of the school’s football team.

Henry was not lucky and the Texas native dropped out of high school after scoring less than 700 on the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) exam, and he also strained his wrist ligaments.

Failing to get the recommended grade made him lose hope in education, therefore, he then channelled all his efforts towards education, giving him an early start to his weightlifting career.

How much does Mark Henry weigh?

The strongman weighs a whopping 184kgs. Henry developed an interest in weight lifting from a young age. As a freshman in Silsbee High School, he would squat 270 kg.

However, Henry is currently on weight transformation, which reduced her completion weight from  360 lb (160 kg) that surprised many people.

Mark Henry net worth

What is Mark Henry net worth? Actually many people ask this question about wealth, but the fact is that Mark henry net worth has grown from zero to  $ 5 million dollars as we speak now.

Last year, the world champion, Mark Henry had a net worth of $4.5 million, but this has increased.

The source of his salary and wealth has majorly come from his contesting as a weightlifter and wrestler for many years.

Besides Mark’s salary at World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. including Mark’s titles and records have come with handsome cash awards and prizes.

Unpopular to several people, Mark Henry has also tried acting and appearing in various movies and shows. 

For instance, he appeared on MacGruber film in the year 2010, he also appeared at A Haunted House 2  film in the year 2013 and also appeared at Incarnate film in 2016.

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Mark Henry’s House

You may be asking yourself that does Mark Henry has a good house?  The answer is Yes, Mark Henry’s house is located in Austin, Texas, sits on 4,518 square feet.

Mark’s mansion has four bedrooms, outdoor entertainment areas, four full bathrooms, a swimming pool with arch fountains, an outside fireplace, a three-car garage, and community access to Lake Austin, plus lake & hill country views.

Henry’s house is such an amazing one that you may desire in your life.

In fact, Mark Henry’s house is valued at $819,900.

There have been speculations that Mark Henry MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) skills are also part of his credentials.

However, they cannot be ascertained as he has been keen to establish his career as a weightlifter and wrestler.

Mark Henry Career.

Since Mark drop out of school after scoring less than 700 on the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) exam,  he ventured into powerlifting, which he as early began in high school.

Mark was already a three-time Texas state champion with state and national records in all the four categories 

This includes a winner in the squat 832 lb (377kg), the deadlift 815 lb (370 kg), the bench press 525 lb (238kg), and the total 2033 lb (922 kg). 

He competed several weightlifters during these competitions as no single person could lift those weights.

After several training, Henry broke four national junior records. 

Moreover, he also qualified for weightlifting at the 1992 Olympic Games at the age of just 19 years.

Mark won a gold, silver, and bronze medal at the Pan American games in 1995. He also had two-time US National Champions, which are 1995 and 1997.

Henry, at the start of his professional wrestling career, became the World European Champion in 1999.

Mark Henry net worth

He has had a long and successful career spanning 25 years in WWE as a professional wrestler.

Even after retirement, the 50-year-old is certainly a force to be reckoned with as he holds the world record for deadlift and squat (raw). 

He also participated in the Olympic Games and is a WDFPF (World Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation) world champion.

His first title came in the ECW Championship of 2008 as he defeated  Big Show and Kane in a triple threat match.  This was his greatest time. 

He then became the World Heavyweight Champion in September 2011.

The title was given by Jeff Jarrett to Henry as Henry had assisted Jarrett in defeating D’lo Brown at SummerSlam.

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Mark Henry Body Size, Height and Weight

Mark stands at a towering height of 6 feet and 4 inches (1.93m), and he weighs a hefty 360 lbs (160 kg). 

While he may be among the tallest in a crowd, Mark Henry comes from a family where tall height is a defining characteristic.

Almost all of the men in his family are taller than average, particularly his great uncle Chadd, who was 6 feet and 7 inches and weighed around 500 lbs (230 kg). 

Mark Henry Achievements as the strongest man

As previously stated Mark earned gold, silver, and bronze medals in weightlifting at the Pan American Games in Mar Plata in 1995.

He has won thirteen gold medals in various strongman competitions throughout his career.

Mark started lifting weights when he was ten years old and managed to squat six hundred pounds while still in high school being branded as the strongest teenager.

In fact, Henry was recognized as “the world’s strongest teenager” when he was eighteen according to the Los Angeles Times.

He qualified for the 1992 Summer Olympics and become the tenth in the super heavyweight class competition.

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Mark Henry weight loss or Recent transformation

Everyone has been surprised with the 80-pound weight loss of Mark Henry.

Actually, Mark has recently announced this year that he has lost 80 pounds since his last WWE match.

To get it clear, Mark last appeared at WWE in 2018 at the Greatest Royal Rumble PPV in Saudi Arabia.

He entered the Royal Rumble match and scored three elimination yet was finally displaced by Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan.

On January 2021, his appearance came on WWE Raw, where he had a heated discourse with Randy Orton.

The reason behind Henry’s transformation is to return to WWE for one last match.

Mark Henry stated on Booker T’s podcast that he wants to inspire people once again, especially kids who didn’t get to see him on wrestle.

Mark Henry Now

He also said that he did not retire the way he had wished to. He wanted to fight an in-form superstar in his last bout.

Mark strongly believed that his fans will be undoubtedly excited to see the WWE Hall of Famer return to the square circle for one last time.

Till then, try to figure out when and whom Henry will fight in his last match.

Henry retirements

Mark retired on April 27, 2018. However, near to his retirement, Henry was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2018 by Big Show.

Big Show was one of his closest friends in WWE.

Mark Henry wife and family

He was early married to Jana Mckissick, but they got divorced in 1992. They had one son called Jacob Henry, who now lives with his father Henry and step-mother in Austin, Texas

Mark then later married to Jana Henry in 2005 and are currently living happily with his wife.

Together, with Jana Henry, they have one daughter named Joanna Henry.

Mark Henry’s kids 

To make it clear, Mark has two kids born to different mothers.  One is a boy and one is a girl.

His kids are Joanna Henry, who is a girl from another mother and Jacob Henry from another mother. 

The kids love each other and are proud of themselves. They life with their father in Texas.

Mark henry son

Henry has only one son, called Jacob Henry. Mark Henry says his son is very determined to follow in his footsteps as a wrestler, even if he winds up being the greatest football player alive.

On camera, Mark Henry helped sire a hand-baby along with an elderly Mae Young.

However, away from the camera, Mark Henry has children of his own and he says that his son, Jacob, is the most likely to join the family business and become a professional wrestler.

Where Mark Henry lives now

Mark currently resides in Austin, Texas. He live with his wife Jana Henry and his two kids, Joanna Henry and Jacob Henry.

They have a beautiful house and life peacefully. Mark is known to have had dyslexia when he was 14 years old.

Mark henry age

Henry is 50 years old. Mark Henry is happy in his 50s years old and thanks to the Lord for giving him peace love and unity. He has inspired a generation through his prowess in the ring.

Mark Henry bench press

You may also like to know about Mark Henry bench press, well, his unofficial records outside of competition are a squat of 1,006 pounds, a bench press of 585 pounds and a deadlift of 925 pounds.

This has inspired several competitors in the weight lifting industry.

What weight can Mark Henry lift?

A good question is here, how many pounds can Mark Henry lift?  Well, Mark Henry has a weightlifting total of 881.8 lbs (snatch 396.8 lbs and clean&jerk 485 lbs).

He also possesses the ability to deadlift 903.9 lbs and lift 953.5 lbs on the squat, which is very amazing.