Top 10 Best Plastic Surgery Hospital in Kenya


You may want a plastic surgery, well, for perfect plastic surgery, visiting the best hospitals for plastic surgery in Kenya is very important. It is true that people seek plastic surgery for various purposes.

However, plastic surgery is best for those reconstructing a body part after a major accident.

If you are in Kenya and want a plastic surgery, then here are the best private hospitals in Kenya that offers the best plastic surgery.


Before venturing into that there are few terms that you need to understand.

There are two common types of surgery, that is  plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery.

So, What Do You Understand By Plastic Surgery

Actually, a plastic surgery is a reconstructive surgery aimed at reconstructing given body part, it can be a  burnt area, cut or damaged part of the body(1).

The popular reconstructive procedure is the redevelopment of removed breasts in cancer patients, hand surgery and the removal of tumors.

Also, functional abnormalities due to accidents, burns, injuries, cancers, fractures, tumors, medical impairments, and congenital defects are also treated under plastic surgery.

What Is All About Cosmetic Surgery

It is also called aesthetic surgery. This surgery involves in enhancing your physical beauty or appearance. In essence, it is not for the treatment of any disease or ailment.

So, your physical appearance is modified according to your desire by performing a surgery.

For instance, your facial features are altered by reshaping of the nose, chin implants, lip implants, brow lifting, eyelid lifting, and face lifting.

You may also want to butt implants, breast implants, breast lift and neck contouring among others.

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List Of The Best Plastic Surgery Hospital In Kenya

  1. Plastic surgery In Kenyatta hospital

Best of the best hospital in Kenya for plastic surgery in the Kenyatta national hospital.

It is one of the oldest hospitals that offer the best plastic and cosmetic surgery in Kenya. This hospital has the best surgeons that provide prompt surgeries to patients.

In fact, Kenyatta Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Kenya that offers best medication services.

You can reach them at Or you can call:020-2726300/+25470985400/+254730643000.

plastic surgery in Kenyatta hospital

  1. The Karen hospital

Karen is one of the best hospitals in Kenya for plastic surgery with highly skilled surgeons. It offers the best cosmetic and plastic surgery to his clients.

Karen hospital is located in Nairobi along Langata road.

For more information call: +254-20-6613000 or +254-20-6613222

You can also send an email at or visit their website at

plastic surgery in kenya

  1. Adan Plastic surgery

For perfect plastic surgery, you can visit Dr Adan plastic surgery hospital. It offers the best and high standard of cosmetic and plastic surgery at an affordable price.

Call +254 732 330 011 or visit their website at for more information.

  1. Davinci medical group, Reconstructive and plastic surgery Kenya

Davinci Medical group is one of the best private hospitals in Nairobi that offers reconstructive and plastic surgery in Kenya.

It has highly skilled surgeons that provide prompt surgery services. This private hospital uses modern technologies to carry out perfect cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery.

It is located Theta lane, off Lenana Road, Nairobi

For any queries, feel free to call: 020 2300047

  1. Valentis Clinic

Another best plastic surgery hospital in Kenya is the Valentis Clinic, Nairobi.

This clinic offers both cosmetic and plastic surgery. It has highly skilled practitioners and surgeons that provide prompt services to patients.

The cost of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery in this clinic is very pocket-friendly.

The clinic is located at Suite 6B-Grosvenor Suite 14, Riverside Nairobi, Kenya.

You can contact them: +254725045705 or email them

  1. Apple + Sense Clinic

Do you want cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery? Apple + Sense Clinic is one of the best clinics in Kenya that offers reconstructive and plastic surgeries. 

The clinic is located along Muthaiga Road, 1 st floor Oilibya Plaza, Nairobi. You can contact them through their email:

Or call: +254780367367 / +254790307260.

  1. Diani Beach Hospital

One of the best cosmetic surgery hospitals in Kenya is the Diani beach Hospital in Ukunda, Kenya.

This hospital offers both cosmetic and plastic surgery. It has the best surgeons that deliver the best surgery.

For more information, contact:+254722569261/ +254735223223

You can also send email at

plastic surgery Diani Beach Hospital, kenya

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The Procedure Of Plastic Surgery That You Need To Know

Going through the best procedures for plastic or cosmetic surgery is very important. It will determine how fast you are likely to adapt with the surgery.

However, the procedures of surgeries vary according to the purpose for which surgery is being performed.

Some of the common procedures used in plastic surgery are explained below.

  1. The Skin Grafting Procedure

This involves taking a healthy piece of skin from a donor site and implanting it to a damaged Recipient site.

Actually, in this procedure, part of your skin is removed from one site of your own body to be implanted on the damaged area(4).

            2. Flap Surgery Procedure

In this type of plastic surgery, a piece of flesh is transferred from one body part to the other.

This piece of tissue carries its own blood supply and heals faster.

It is used to treat the more complicated type of disorders.

          3. Tissue Expansion Procedure

This is another type of plastic surgery procedure where a device called an expander is used to activate the body cells, in such a way that the body grows extra tissue by the extension of the surrounding skin.

This device is a balloon-like machine, filled with saltwater allowing the skin to expand and grow.

It is inserted under the skin near the defected area, which needs to be repaired.

  1. Microsurgery Procedure

In this procedure, very small sutures are used to connect arteries, veins, and nerves in the transplanted tissue. It makes the healing process faster.

This method enables you to heal as faster as possible within a few weeks.

How Long Does It Take To Recovery After Plastic Surgery?

It is very important to know how long you can take to recovery after plastic surgery.

Actually, the recovery time after plastic surgery depends upon the type of surgery performed.

However, expect to give yourself plenty of time for quick recovery after surgery.

Let that not be a surprise to you, you can take as few days as possible to recover as long as you follow the instructions given to you by your surgeon.

For instance, in the case of breast transplant, you can return to work after 5 to 7 days and within three months, the swelling subsides and the breasts get proper size and shape.

Some surgery may go for up to four months like butt lift surgery demands 3 to 4 months for complete recovery.

In short, plastic surgery in different body parts needs different recovery time. Of which, some may take a longer time to recover while others might take a longer period for proper healing.

Is It Safe To Go For Plastic Surgery?

The reality is that plastic surgeries are not always successful. Various factors can determine the success rate of surgery.

It may be safe to go for plastic surgery for some people.

However, the physical conditions of a patient are considered before undergoing surgery, and those with the least health risks are allowed to go through the operation.

Note that it is very safe to go through plastic surgery if you are fit, both physically and mentally. Despite being fit both mentally and physically, surgery can still go wrong.

So, What Happens When Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong?

It is very important to know that in the case of plastic surgery gone wrong, your body might become de-shaped.

However, surgeons are well equipped and well experienced enough to correct this as quickly as possible, which is why you must not fly home immediately after surgery. 

What To Do After Plastic Surgery To Stay Safe

Not everything ends after your surgery.

In fact, plastic surgery is a wide field, with many operations coming under this category and aftercare for every surgery is different.

Therefore, you need to follow the following tips to prevent any negative outcome after your surgery.

  • Importantly, visit your doctor on a regular basis and follow guidelines carefully.
  • Have someone who can assist you anytime you are in need.
  • Follow a healthy diet plan. Eat nutritious food fasten recovery of surgery.
  • Take rest and avoid un-necessary exercise and movement.
  • Stay hydrated, so drink a lot of water.

Top 5 Best Plastic Hospital in Bangkok Thailand

You can also visit the best private hospital for plastic surgery outside Kenya such as the best surgery hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. However, it is very important to book for an appointment.

How to Book an Appointment?

If you are considering ways to look and feel better about your body, Thailand and Bangkok await you.

Do a thorough search on hospital and doctors’ qualifications, read our verified patient reviews, compare prices, get a free quote or book an appointment with Dental Departures today.

  1. Kamol Hospital

One of the well-known private hospital for plastic surgery is the Kamol Hospital in Bangkok.

It offers beauty and cosmetic procedures that are result-oriented.

In fact, this hospital has highly skilled specialists and general practitioners that provide the best hair transplants, liposuction, tummy tucks, facelifts, gender reassignment surgery, facial feminization surgery, and more.

They use modern technologies to ensure that their clients’ desires are met.

The team also provides dermatological treatments that are aimed to minimize acne scars, whitening, tattoo removal, and treatment of varicose veins among others.

Therefore, you can visit this private hospital if you need any plastic surgery.

They will serve with integrity and dignity as they highly value their customers like you.

Contact for Kamol hospital

Call +662 559 0155


  1. Yanhee General Hospital

This private hospital is located on Charansanitwong Road.

Yanhee General Hospital is JCI accredited and offer high-quality plastic surgery in Thailand.

It offers cosmetic, beauty, and health services to clients. It also uses modern technologies, have highly skilled specialist and practitioners that are result-oriented.

In fact, Yanhee General Hospital is among the best cosmetic surgery hospital in Thailand offering tummy tucks, rhinoplasty, breast enhancement, dental treatment, and other plastic surgery and beauty treatments.

Be assured to get the best plastic surgery from this hospital. The cost of plastic surgery is also cost-friendly as compared to other private hospitals.

Contact information

Call them through +66 2 879 0300 or email

plastic surgery hospita at Yanhee General Hospitall

  1. Nirunda Cellpoint Clinic

Another best private hospital in Bangkok that offers high-quality plastic surgery to patients is the Nirunda Cellpoint Clinic.

Despite being a small private hospital started in 2007, this private hospital has highly skilled specialist and practitioners that offer perfect plastic surgery.

It also used modern technologies to ensure that their services meet patients’ needs.

Some of the best cosmetic surgeries offered in this private hospital include breast lifts, nipple reduction surgery, breast augmentation, Brazilian butt lifts, eyelid surgery, facelifts, mole removal, and Botox injections.

You will love their perfect plastic surgery and services since they serve patients with high integrity and dignity.

In addition, gender reassignment surgery is best offered at Nirunda Cellpoint Clinic at pocket-friendly cost as compared to other private hospitals.

For those very reasons, consider visiting this private hospital for better plastic surgery. Visit them at

  1. Samitivej Hospital

Want the best surgery outside Kenya, then you can consider visiting Samitivej Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand.


Samitivej Hospital is one of the oldest and most respected full-service Thai hospitals.

It has the best surgeons that offer the best plastic and cosmetic surgery in Bangkok.


Get your cosmetic surgery desire met in this hospital.

  1. KTOP Clinic

Another best private surgery hospital in Bangkok is the KTOP clinic.

The Ultra-modern and trendy, this independent facility focuses on celebrity makeovers and Korean-style cosmetic treatments.

KTOP focuses on the international patient with its “One-Stop Medical System,” looking after its customers from consultation to surgery to post-op treatment to after-care service.

Therefore, you can visit this plastic surgery hospital for better services.

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