Primark Market Segmentation Case Study


Primark company is an Irish quick style retailer that was set up by Arthur Ryan in 1969 for the benefit of the Weston family.

Its base camp in Dublin, Ireland, and an auxiliary of the British food handling and retail organization ABF. Primark offers a wide scope of items, and administrations with the chain sell garments at moderate.

It possesses 188 stores in the UK and a sum of more than 370 stores across the globe with an aggregate of 78000 workers. While due to global market change or the rise of new technologies, the company has set a very effective market segment that is discussed below.


Primark Market Segmentation

Primark partitioned possible customers into subclass relying upon clients’ practices, and socioeconomics dependent on age, way of life, sex, societal position, and pay level.

This target more young people and kids followed by different sections. Deciding various portions with a similar taste and interest is the best method for successful customization and normalization of items and services offered by the organization (Mohammed 2021).

Positioning of Primark

Primark needs to build up a strong situating to empower its image profile to arise as a worldwide brand with modern strategies and a great profile in addition to a high distinction image of status and plan.

The organization can situate a portion of their design items as top-notch quality and excessive cost range, so its customers can feel glad and show their societal position of the nature of the style things they buy from Primark.

Marketing Mix for Primark

This part analyzes strategies for planning an appropriate advertising blend remembering computerized promoting for consistent development of the organization in the UK commercial centre and abroad.

It covers the place, products, promotion,  process, price, people and physical evidence (7Ps).

It is trailed by Primark’s difference in culture, manageability, and moral issues, and control system.

Products of Primark

Marketing mix values item as a key component and Primark has been offering excellent items that have kept a WOW factor. The organization has stayed famous and cherished by a few customers across the globe for its scope of top calibre on-pattern apparel, homewares, frill, and footwear for kids, ladies, and men.

In any case, Primark has restricted version stock for specific customers, which advances the apparent price. For the organization to offer great things to the chose market fragments, it can successfully tweak and normalize its item utilizing viable advanced promoting devices relying upon the recognized necessities of the portions.

In light of the item lifecycle, Primark is working in the development stage and needs to redo and normalize its items to try not to arrive on the decrease stage.

  Primark market segmentation

Prices Of Primark’s Products and Services

Value matters in each business as it affects clients purchasing choices and marketing exercises. Primark’s items are generally lower differentiated to its peers like Zara.

It utilizes on-pattern things with a less or lower evaluation that empowers it to convey economies of scale at bringing the items’ costs down to the end-clients.

However, Primark needs to modify its cost for viable competition and as indicated by the portions recognized.

Market Place

Primark places itself as a brand for the youthful age, explicitly for the age of 16-30, who are keen on the most recent in vogue things.

It has a solid dissemination channel and claims more than 370 stores across U.K,  Ireland,  Europe, U.S.A, and different countries.

Primark has ideal places in  New Castle, Manchester, Cardiff, and  Liverpool, and many more of these stores across the globe. It has likewise extended its branches to meet the needs of its customer base in  France, Spain, and Germany. Nonetheless, it needs to open its branches in  Middle East, India, South Africa, and China.

Primark Promotion or Communication mix

In marketing mix, advancement or methods for correspondence with customers is a key component. Shockingly, Primark doesn’t intensely depend on publicizing or advertising its items and services. Verbal advertising has remained its promoting strategies.

Its rivals like H&M, Zara, Mark and Spencer, New Look, Crew Clothing, Mothercare, and Terranova Inc. are endeavouring to overwhelm Primark since they utilize successful advanced promoting devices.

In any case, Primark may have an absence of promoters, gifted labourers, advanced advertisers, and absence of adaptability or just spending imperatives. Albeit the deals are as yet unbelievable.

Primark Public Relations

Primark can utilize advertising, for example, extraordinary occasions tradeshows, and shows of theirs products. They can utilize viable features and submit for online press inclusion.

This will empower the organization to arrive at focused purchasers. Public relation is a key toolset for organizations to market their brand and gain customer’s loyalty. 

Primark Advertising

Primark can utilize web-based media promoting, versatile showcasing, SMM, SEO, Email Marketing,  Online Advertising, SEM, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, and Viral promoting, and Landing Page Marketing. The notice procedure is coordinated to fit clients both on the web and offline effectively.

Most importantly, online media promoting, for example, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Skype, and Instagram are some of the best instruments for Primark to utilize to get in touch with the young generation, especially teens and adults below 30 years old as cited by Cooper in 2018.

According to the study by Montgomery, more than 80% of worldwide clients really spend most of their time online and loves buying products online. This drives Primark to venture into powerful computerized promotion.


Individuals are another component in the marketing mix.  This is usually explained by the number of employees a company has to operate effectively across the globe.

Primark has 70,000 labourers paid a similar salary just like its competitors like Zara and H&M. Kids, teenage or young couples or grown-ups aged 16-30 years has remained its objective populace, who esteem new trending style item at low costs as cited by Doster in  2013.

Primark Process

Primark has guaranteed compelling conveyance of its items because of its solid distributive channel. Be that as it may, it faces difficulties during top hours as in-store customers experience challenges.

Accordingly, it needs to modify its cycles, for example,  labour training, and client experience, and product delivery. this will help it achieve its goals more effectively.

Primark Physical Evidence

This is the last component of 7Ps. The stores remained Primark’s most substantial physical evidence. The ease of its item has contrarily influenced its image since it couldn’t highlight its item on the web.

In that, the cost of conveying items to customers was moderately higher than the item. This will weaken the web buyers except if they request a few things to cater for the conveyance cost.


Primark Change in Culture

Primark esteem every one of its clients, and labourers as its style are not one-size-fits-all nor its way of life. It puts stock in alternate points of view, design styles, and, thoughts. Primark endeavours to unite everybody in whatever thing they do as they tune in to partners and customers.

Thusly, Primark ought to define its beliefs, values and behaviours, adjust culture to its strategies and processes, interface culture and responsibility, have noticeable advocates, and adjust culture to the brand to encourage internet buying.


Primark sustainability and ethics

Primark has an Environmental Sustainability board that guarantees that its tasks are in contact. The group regulates the sourcing of its crude materials, the productivity of Primark stores, the environmental impacts of its manufacturing plants, and its reusing interaction to address clients’ issues.

For example, brown paper bags customers flaunting. It has an association with the Kid’s foundation giving unsold products, which diminish landfills. It likewise improves production network supportability by working with Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC).

Primark has additionally been engaged with a lawfully official concurrence with Ethical Trading Initiative and has sent BSI Management System to address clients’ issues. The new framework will drive sellers to follow Primark’s provider set of conducts.


Primark Market Segmentation is the core strength that enables it to compete effectively with other competitors. However, the company need to adjust in some areas in the market segmentation to achieve its objectives, goals, and mission. 

Primark can normalize and redo its computerized promoting ways to reach its targeted market segments. The utilization of web-based media promoting, SEO, cell phone showcasing, SMM, PR, SEM, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Online Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Viral showcasing, and Landing Page Marketing has been distinguished as viable procedures for Primark to achieve its goals.

Recommendations to Primark Executives

  1. Primark ought to utilize successful advanced promoting instruments, particularly web-based media advertising, and connecting social media platforms to its site to expand its market share and growth rate.
  2. Making another store to empower it to respond to the necessities of customers in those segment places.
  3. Primark to deliver co-created limited edition model by customers to help purchasers’ selection, which will upgrade brand mindfulness and website page traffic.
  4. It ought to make an E-CRM measure that can get customer criticism, keep a steady relationship, measure client assistance and oversee questions.
  5. Primark ought to convey ACRON advancement to decide suitable potential markets.
  6. It ought to coordinate on the web, PR, and offline promoting and should focus on more teenagers and females.
  7. Setting up a territorially based labour force to help grasp the customers’ cultures and ways of life in the UK and different countries for viable rivalry and activities.
  8. It ought to likewise enrol more ecological sustainability teams for effective evaluation and monitoring of its supply chain.
  9. Primark needs broad statistical surveying in different places in the UK, and different countries to determine the specific needs,  income levels of potential customers.
  10. Primark ought to think about an inward culture by permitting all labourers, stakeholders, and client to contribute their thoughts for compelling change transition.

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