The Total Number of Reps in Biceps Workout


You may ask yourself the number of reps in the biceps workout program.

The total number of reps in biceps workout for bigger biceps muscle mass and size is very important.

However, this depends on your primary goals.


The biceps is one of the important parts of the body.

It helps in movements of the elbow as you do your normal duties.

Therefore, optimal bicep workout is a concern.

For you to determine the number of reps and set in your biceps workout then you need to define your ideal outcome from the workout.

Note: the number of repetition varies in that, fewer repetition at higher weight or heavier weight are for building bicep mass while many repetitions at lighter weight improve muscle endurance.

Biceps exercise generally includes using a barbell, cable machine, and free weight like dumbbells.

During this workout, the elbow, wrists, and shoulder should be kept in line in order to avoid unnecessary injuries.

Fitness Tips For Bigger Muscle Mass

The best body workout is that you should train every muscle group at least two to three times every week on with a resting period of one or two in a week.

The total number of reps in biceps workout for bigger biceps muscle mass and size is very important.

Resistance training is one of the best, therefore purpose to perform a perfect one by using the most appropriate techniques.

What Is The Total Number of Reps To Build Bigger Biceps Mass?

As I have stated above, resistant training is the best for a better muscular mass.

In order to develop a rapid bicep mass, you need to develop muscular strength by pressing resistant weights such as free weight, cable machine, and barbell.

However, the number of reps in biceps workout is still crucial for faster mass gain.

reps in biceps workout

Optimal sets and repetition is necessary with heavier weights or resistant training.

For building bigger bicep mass, the total number of reps in biceps workout for bigger biceps mass and size is very important.

Therefore, perform three sets and above with a maximum of six repetitions.

Have 60 to 90 seconds resting duration between your sets.

Note: strength or resistant training for your fitness, be it bicep, triceps, chest should not be done daily or on consecutive days.

How to Gain Muscle Size?

Many people desire to get sizeable muscle, it can be for triceps, chest, biceps or any other body part.

However, this can be a challenge to them due to unhealthy habits and poor sedentary lifestyle and not considering the total number of reps in a workout program for bigger muscle mass and size.

This is how to get big muscle size.

Be assured that the total number of reps in biceps workout is very important, therefore, perform approximately 4 to 6 sets of a minimum repetition of eight per workout.

Rest for 60 to 90 seconds between sets and choose a better weight for better resistant training.

You can start with a heavier weight for 2 set and 6 repetitions, after which you can reduce the weight by not more than 25% and you can do the remaining sets.

This will result in muscular enlargement or muscular hypertrophy.

Most popular athletes and bodybuilder used to advertise various product trains to have well-defined muscles.

Note: For large, well-defined muscle, it may be disastrous, as it requires your attention, determination, and perseverance.

Nothing comes on a silver plate you must sweat for it.

I know you are capable of achieving your goals, never lose hope as winners never quit and quitters never win.

How to Improve Muscle Endurance?

Sometimes you may be wondering why it is difficult to finish your sets and reps, as you desire.

With building muscular endurance, you will perfect it.

Here we go, first your muscles to contract repeatedly over a given period of time you need to be determined.

reps in biceps workout

You need to use enough weight, not too heavy or too light.

Perform  a total of 3 sets for approximately 15 to 20 or more reps to improve your muscle resistant.

This should be done with a most resting time of 30 seconds or less.

The total number of reps in biceps workout for bigger biceps muscle mass and size is very important.

More repetitions you make the more muscle endurance becomes.

Weight Loss or Belly Fat Loss

Not all people intend to gain weight, others desire to lose weight despite health and medical conditions such as heart diseases, thyroid, gene, sedentary lifestyle.

Multiple or combined exercises are more appropriate for faster belly fat loss, combine exercise that involves more than one muscle group.

This should be carried out with a resting duration of 60 to 90 second, performing aerobics and resistance training.

This will improve lean muscle and burn more calories and fats.

It will also increase the heart rate while building muscle.

weight scale

For a better result, the total number of reps in a workout program for effective weight loss is key.

Therefore, perform 3 sets with a minimum of 12 repetitions and up to 25 reps with recommended weight.

Starting with heavier weight for 2 sets and 6 repetitions are advantageous, then the remaining sets you can use medium weight for more reps to improve the muscular endurance.

Note: consistency and determination is the key to rapid fat loss, therefore, perform at least two or three full-body workouts per week is a good goal for this group.

Do not forget to perform full-body strength training.

Point Takes Home

All workouts start with proper warm-ups and stretching.

Warm-up brings refreshment to the body muscle before you start resistance training.

It also allows the body to adapt and feel relaxed.

This prevents injuries and improves performance.

On the other hand, stretching helps to maximize the range of movements in the joints and muscles.

Getting some dynamic stretches for the body muscle groups is vital.


This depends on the type of workout you intend to perform.

For instance, chest workout, do some shoulder movement, crunches.


Resistance training routine should not be static.

To be more effective, change your sets, reps and amount of weight you use weekly.

Heavy lift is appropriate for gaining muscle mass and size with a maximum rest of 90 seconds.

Perform a minimum of 3 sets and 6 repetitions.

You can also perform more reps for muscle endurance with a medium weight.

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