How to Use USN Hyperbolic Mass Gainer & Side effects


For bigger muscles use Hyperbolic Mass Gainer. It is an all-in-one mass gainer designed for individuals with a fast metabolism.

Hyperbolic mass gainer contains an advanced amino acid formulation including the addition of Glutamine to aid in muscle repair, recovery and gains(1).

This mass gainer is high in protein and contains a 5-stage Glyco-Matrix Carb System to drive protein into glycogen stores.


β-Alanine is included in the formulation to boost performance and power.

How to use hyperbolic mass gainer

As a nutritional supplement, start off by adding 2 rounded scoops (150g) to 375- 450 ml of cold water or full cream milk.

And then move onto  4 rounded scoops (300g) with 750-900 ml water/milk (divided between 2 small shakers or all together in the USN Mega-shaker) after a week.

Take a full 300g serving once daily or as divided dosages. Use as a recovery drink post-training and/or a snack between meals.

How do you prepare for hyperbolic mass?

Knowing to make or prepare your hyperbolic mass is very important. Here is how to make mass gainer.

For beginners:

  • Start off by adding three rounded scoops (150g) to 375-450ml of cold water or full cream milk
  • Mix it thoroughly with water and leave it to uniformly mix
  • Now your hyperbolic mass drink is ready.
  • Take it 30 to 45 minutes before gym or within 45 minutes after gym

After one week,  you can increase from three to six rounded scoops (from 150g to 300g) with 750-900ml cold water or full cream milk.

Take one-two times daily for effective results.

What does USN Hyperbolic Mass Gainer do? 

As the name suggest Hyperbolic Mass gainer, is specifically designed for helping you in gaining body muscles.

Using it stimulates muscle growth and development, including muscle repair, recovery, and gains.

This is because hyperbolic mass gainer contains an advanced amino acid formulation and Glutamine that help in the development and growth of healthy muscles.

What is the best time to take mass gainer?

The best time you should take your hyperbolic mass gainer is in the morning, especially within 1 to 2 hours before going to the gym for training, and the other one after the training.

In other words, you can use a mass gainer before and after a workout for faster muscle gain.

Moreover, you need to eat food rich in calories to boost your muscle gain.  

Should I take mass gainer everyday?

Yes,  hyperbolic mass gainer should be taken each day you go to the gym if you are struggling with gaining weight.

Taking hyperbolic mass gainer everyday within the prescribed days will quickly add up to 1000 extra calories in your daily food intake that will help in faster weight gain.

But it is recommended to use the supplement during your training days at least two times a day for better results.

How to Use USN Hyperbolic Mass Gainer For Bigger Muscles
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How many scoops of mass gainer should I take?

You should mix three scoops of hyperbolic mass (150g) in your first one week of usage with water (400ml) or  with low-fat milk instead of water to help achieve a thicker creamier higher-calorie shake.

After one week you should take six scoops of mass gainer(300g) with 750 ml of water or milk.

You should use it two times everyday for better results and please please, you should not overdose. 

How many times a day should I drink mass gainer?

I know some also ask if they should take a mass gainer every day. Well, you need to drink hyperbolic mass two times a day. That is one in the morning before the gym and the other in the evening.

This may also depend on your diet and fitness goals. Some people take it one to two times per day, while others take it every other day or once per day.

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Can I take mass gainer with water?

Yes, you have to mix the mass gainer with water and have 1 to 2 servings per day for effective results. You can also mix it with milk for better taste.  

How can I gain weight quickly using hyperbolic mass?

You can gain weight quickly when you take hyperbolic mass gainer two times a day and do regular exercise plus following a healthy eating regime.

Specifically eating food high in calories and carbohydrates along with your supplement.

You need to stay hydrated and don’t drink water before meals, eat more often, stay motivated, be persistent on training, track your progress and get quality sleep.

Is USN Hyperbolic Mass gainer good?

Actually, hyperbolic mass before and after results are amazing. The hyperbolic mass gainer is one of the best supplements for faster muscle gain as it contains 231g of carbs per 300g serving.

The high amounts of carbohydrates boost your energy level and performance during a workout and prevent muscle injuries during training.

Most people state that they have gained weight and body mass faster within a month with regular exercise and a healthy food diet.  

The product is also proven for healthy body skin or lean muscles that will make people admire you. It is test elevator in mass gainer fo most bodybuilders.

Does hyperbolic mass make you gain weight?

The answer is a big yes, hyperbolic Mass gainer is designed for weight gain. It stimulates the growth of healthy lean muscle.

It can help you gain weight within a few months as compared to other weight gain supplements in the market.

But you need to do regular exercise to see massive results within a few weeks. Also, eat food rich in calories and carbs. 

When you use a hyperbolic mass gainer as recommended, then you will absolutely gain weight faster. This is not a myth, but facts about hyperbolic mass gainers.

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Is it OK to drink Hyperbolic Mass Gainer before bed?

Yes, it is okay to drink your mass gainer before bed, especially after your evening exercise. Actually, drinking a protein shake before bed can boost muscle mass gain, strength, and repair of muscles.

Mass gainer also does not affect our night sleep, although studies show that it does not lead to weight gain, but repair and recovery of muscles.

Is it bad to take mass gainer before bed?

It depends on the protein type or mass gainer you purchase, but some protein shakes may affect your sleep when you take them before bed.

Although the simple sugars in a liquid protein supplement could cause a surge of energy as well as weight gain and increased fat stores.

Should I use a mass gainer or Whey protein?

Actually, the mass gainer is the best, but it may depend upon the goal you are willing to achieve. Mass gainers are good for bodybuilders who want to gain bigger and lean muscles for flexing or competition.

While those who want to cut down on fat and only work on their muscles should pick whey protein. 

Which supplement is best for weight gain?

The best supplement for weight gain is hyperbolic mass gainer, whey protein, anabolic mass gainer, protein shake , BCCA among other. 

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What is the difference between hyperbolic and anabolic?

The difference between anabolic and hyperbolic mass gainer is that hyperbolic means to be exaggerated, therefore hyperbolic mass is indicating that the gains that you will be making will be exaggerated if you use it. Whereas “Anabolic” refers to muscle building

Benefits of Hyperbolic mass gainer

Helps in massive strength and hardcore powerlifting, as it is formulated with a 51g Anabolic Protein Matrix containing an effective amino acid ratio including Glutamine to enhance muscle recovery, endurance and energy levels(5).

Glyco-Matrix Carb system contains both fast- and slow-releasing carbohydrates to drive protein into glycogen stores. Check this best weight gain supplements

It boosts muscle development

By ensuring we carefully choose and formulate our whey proteins with only the best quality proteins, amino and other proven ingredients, we can deliver a product that is optimized for maximum muscle development(7).

Improves muscle mass gain

Scientifically formulated and developed with precise ratios of the highest quality protein, carbs and fats for maximum muscle mass development. Break through your plateau.

Key component of Hyperbolic mass gainer

Protein is a fundamentally important component in our bodies as the building block of bones, cartilage, skin and muscle.

Protein supplementation ensures you get the required amount of protein build and repair tissue and muscle as part of an active lifestyle.

Contains quality amino

Amino acids form large parts of our muscle and cells and carry out many important bodily functions.

They are essential for healing and repairing tissue, especially muscle.


Adding amino acids to products greatly increases it’s muscle recovery benefits.

Easy to digest

Tolerase L is an acid lactase that converts lactose into glucose and galactose(8).


It is specifically developed and patented for use in dietary and sports supplements for lactose intolerant people, giving them the freedom to enjoy these and other dairy products.

Side effects of hyperbolic mass gainer

Individuals who are intolerant to certain foods may find that mass gainer can cause stomach upset.

Beginners or anyone who is trying hyperbolic mass for the first time should start on a lower dose and increase it gradually as recommended.

Remember that if a person consumes hyperbolic mass gainer supplements without working out regularly, they are likely to gain fat rather than muscle, which may lead to other health complications such as:

  • Kidney ailments or damage
  • Liver Problems
  • Muscle Pulls and Cramps
  • Breathing Problems
  • Nausea and Diarrhea
  • Unhealthy Weight Gain

Therefore, you need to do regular exercise when you are taking any mass gainer or hyperbolic mass gainer. Also, seek medical advice before using any weight gain supplement.  

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