How to Make Arnold Palmer Drink

Arnold Palmer is one of the sweetest non-alcoholic drinks that are very powerful.

Many people are lovers of this beverage due to its natural flavour.

It is made from natural plant-based compounds of iced tea and lemonade.

Believe me; this sweet non-alcoholic beverage was named due to a professional American golfer Arnold Palmer, due to his passion and continuous drinking of the great combination of iced tea and lemonade.

The golfing legend, Arnold Palmer was popularly known for the love of golf and drinking of half-and-half (a combination of iced tea and lemonade).

It is also important to note that the version of this non-alcoholic beverage made from vodka is now referred to as John Daily.

In 2018, the version of this beverage was in the large sale and was widely distributed in most countries under the Arnold Palmer spiked.

What you need to know about Arnold Palmer Drink

Arnold palmer drinks have been documented as one of the best drinks during summer.

It’s a mixture of tea and lemonade, this drink is often called half- &-half.

Every time Arnold palmer visited golf club and hometown clubs, any bar and restaurant, he would order the non-alcoholic drink quoting that he would drink Arnold Palmer Drink or Mr Palmer.

This made the drink to be widely known or called Arnold Palmer Drink.

In fact, in the 1960s, the drink became known as Arnold Palmer and it has been a favourite mocktail ever since.

What are the versions of Arnold Palmer Drinks?

Actually, there is the various version of M. Palmer Drink. All the versions are sold under the Arnold Palmer trademark since 2001.

These drinks are licensed and have palmer’s picture and signature. In fact, the branding has expanded to other flavours such as:

  • Green tea
  • southern style sweet tea
  • pink lemonade
  • Zero Calorie
  • Strawberry
  • Peach
  • Mango
  • Natural Energy

It is also vital to note that some companies market mixture of lemonade and iced tea without the Arnold palmer trademark.

So don’t be surprised to enjoy the same taste half and half drink without the trademark.

Ingredients for arnold palmer

In short, there are various versions of Arnold palmer drinks, some with trademarks while others without the trademarks.

However, both are non-alcoholic drinks and very delicious(3).

How to make Arnold Palmer Drink

This is one of the best drinks for those who don’t drink alcohol. It is a perfect refreshing non-alcoholic drink.

Believe me, anyone can make Arnold palmer drink, as it is easy to prepare.

The recipe for Arnold palmer is suitable for anyone especially, for a casual lunch, for the non-drinker, and the designated driver.

You can prepare these drinks by mixing tea and lemonade, however, you can add some ingredients to improve its flavour.

For instance, spiking it with liquor and adding a little flavour to Arnold palmer drink is the best way to tailor your personal taste or client’s taste.

This can also improve your client retention and get more customers if you are distributing or selling the drink in your bar or restaurant.

Furthermore, starting small businesses such as opening Arnold palmer deli is very lucrative especially during summer.

Arnold palmer drink

You can venture into this business if you are jobless or as a side hustle.

What are the ingredients for Arnold Palmer?

For better taste of Arnold drink, you need to have the following ingredients:

  • Iced tea
  • Lemonade
  • Garnish or lemon slices
  • Liquor

Steps to make Arnold palmer drink

Here are the simple steps to make Arnold drink (half and half).

  • With all the ingredients ready, you need to add 1 part of lemonade in a clean jag.
  • Then add 1 part of iced tea
  • Now you need to stir it thoroughly for a perfect mixing
  • spiking it with liquor or garnish with a slice of lemon
  • Now your drink is ready, you can serve it and enjoy your personal taste.

You can also make Arnold Drink with 1 part of lemonade and 2 part of iced tea.

The so-called three-part drink. Reviews show that the three-part drink is of greater taste. In fact, the 2:1 mix enables you to get a bold tea flavor with impressive lemonade taste.


You can make the best recipe for Arnold Palmer for your personal taste to your guests. The steps are very simple; you can make half-and-half (1:1) or three-part drink (2:1). In addition, you can add flavor for better taste.

What to consider while making Arnold palmer drink

For you to make the best Arnold Palmer recipe, you need to:

  • Use fresh black tea

Using the best-iced tea will enable you to get the best tea flavor. In fact, you need the best ingredient despite the ratio you want to use to prepare this sweet non-alcoholic drink.

Preparing the drink using black teas is the best ever for perfect palmer drink. To put a subtle spin, you can as well use a pitcher of oolong-iced tea.

  • Use homemade lemonade

Making your own lemonade is the best ways to prepared sweeten Arnold Palmer drink as compared to the sold lemonade in supermarkets.

Making your homemade lemonade is very easy; you only need water, sugar, and sliced lemon.

homemade lemonade for arnold palmer drink

  • Add a few flavours

For a perfect flavour to your personal taste to Arnold palmer, add flavoured simple syrup.

It improves your taste. For instance, you can add the flavour to the lemonade before mixing it with iced tea by replacing plain simple syrup with one that’s infused.

The best simple syrup you can use includes lilac simple syrup, and strawberry syrup.

You can also add a few extra flavour such as mint, lavender, rose, and other berries.

It is important to add extra flavour, as you taste in order to get the perfect flavour.

You may also spike your Arnold Drink with premium vodka, robust bourbon, or sweet aged rum.


For greater taste, you need to use best ingredient like black tea or oolong iced tea, homemade lemonade. You can also add extra flavor to you drink. Some may also spike it with liquor.

Best practice to serve Arnold palmer drink

The drink is best for a casual lunch as it improves your metabolism and helps prevent stomach disorders. If you drink Arnold palmer, you will stay active, it will also suppress your hunger hormones.

If you are a non-drinker, taking Arnold drink is the best way.

Actually, you may go to a club with your friends or as a family; you can order this drink for your children or for those who are non-drinker.

Just as the legend, Arnold Palmer, and his wife did it. They could go to the bar-restaurant or club and order this sweet drink. Actually, he was well-known by the waitress.

They would serve him with Mr Palmer as they used to call the drink.

So don’t be shy to order the drink while others are ordering alcoholic drinks.

Also, if you have a party or event, you can consider placing a pitcher of Arnold Palmer on the table for your guest.

Furthermore, add a couple of bottles of liquor on the table to enable your guests to decide if they’d like it spiked or not.

If you are a designated driver, you can drink this non-alcoholic drink. This will improve your mental focus and your digestion system.

Therefore, helping you to drive safely by avoiding accidents and arriving at your destination right on time.


Arnold drink is best for a casual gathering, designated drivers, and non-drinkers. You can provide this drink and liquor if you are entertaining.

What are the health benefits of Arnold palmer’s drink?

There are several health benefits of Arnold Palmer drink. Actually, the drink is non-alcoholic and can be taken by anyone including children.

The drink is very satisfying, it helps improve digestion, it enables you to stay active, boost your mental health, improves arteries function.

Arnold palmer drink

It improves your energy level and performance. It also helps in weight loss as it burns excess fat deposit in the body.

In essence, most golf players love drinking Arnold palmer either half and a half or three-part drinks to improve their energy level, performance, and mental focus.

This also makes it one of the best drinks recommended for the designated drivers.

Furthermore, the Arnold palmer drink prevents several chronic illnesses such as certain cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and overweight, high cholesterol, premature ejaculation, rashes, and many others.

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A word from Tannos

Arnold Palmer is one of the best non-alcoholic drinks that are best for a casual lunch, for the non-drinker, and the designated driver.

It was named Arnold palmer drink due to the golf legend Mr. Arnold Palmer.

The drink is easy to prepare, all you need are the best ingredients such as homemade lemonade, and black iced tea.

You may also add extra flavours such as simple syrups and other herbs like lavender, rose, berries, and mint.

This drink has a wide array of health benefits such as improving overall body functions, energy level and help in preventing the risk of developing chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, overweight and obesity, high blood pressure, premature ejaculation, and other metabolic syndromes.