Yohimbe 800mg Benefits, Side Effects & Dosage

A strong herbal medication called Nature’s Field Yohimbe 800mg is intended to stimulate erectile tissues, which in turn improves sexual arousal, sensitivity, and orgasm. Each bottle has thirty pills that boost energy levels during sexual activity. For best results, use two to three bottles for a comprehensive regimen.

Yohimbine Supplement with Added Strength. Pure Yohimbine Extract Can Help with Body Recomposition and Boost Energy

With a high-potency formula (2.5 mg per capsule) made entirely of natural Yohimbe bark extract, this premium Yohimbine supplement is available. Yohimbe trees are endemic to Central and West Africa, and their bark contains a naturally occurring chemical called yohimbine.

Ingredient In Yohimbine

  • Extra Strength Yohimbine Bark Extract (2% Yohimbine) – 125mg per capsule

Key Health Benefits Yohimbe 

  • Yohimbine may aid in the targeting and burning of stubborn body fat by blocking alpha-2 receptors in fat tissue and promoting the release of chemicals that burn fat, such as dopamine and adrenaline.
  • Enhances attention and energy: Yohimbine may also aid in boosting mental clarity and vitality.
  • No additives or fillers: Our vegetarian-friendly capsules don’t include any artificial ingredients, binders, or fillers.

How Yohimbine works:

Yohimbine’s unique mechanism of action makes it particularly effective when taken on an empty stomach before exercise.

Suggested use:

  • Experienced users only: This product is intended for individuals who are familiar with Yohimbine and other stimulants.
  • Start slow: Begin with 1 capsule daily for at least 1 week to assess tolerance or as directed by your doctor or physician.
  • Regular use: Increase to 1-2 capsules daily, 20 minutes before meals or as directed by your doctor or physician.
  • Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water throughout the day to prevent dehydration.


  • Not for everyone: This product is not suitable for pregnant or nursing women, individuals under 18, or those with known medical conditions.
  • Discontinue use if: You experience any adverse reactions such as sweating, blurred vision, anxiety, headaches, heartburn, insomnia, jitters, dizziness, or weakness.
  • Follow dosage instructions: Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Yohimbe 800mg Side Effects

The potential side effects of Yohimbe 800mg may include increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, anxiety, dizziness, nausea, stomach upset, fatigue, and headaches. If you experience  any side effect after taking Yohimbe 800mg, then stop using it and seek medical attention. 


Q: What is Yohimbe 800mg?

A: Yohimbe 800mg is a dietary supplement containing yohimbine, an alkaloid found in the bark of the African yohimbe tree. It’s commonly used for its potential benefits in improving sexual function and athletic performance.

Q: What are the potential benefits of Yohimbe 800mg?

A: Yohimbine is often marketed for its potential to improve sexual function, including treating erectile dysfunction and increasing libido. Some people also use it to enhance athletic performance, aid in weight loss, and boost energy levels.

Q: How does Yohimbe 800mg work?

A: Yohimbe 800mg works primarily by boosting blood flow, which may aid with sexual function. Yohimbine, the active ingredient in yohimbe, is thought to operate as a mild stimulant, influencing the central nervous system and possibly increasing arousal and sexual desire.

Q: Is Yohimbe 800mg safe to use?

A:Yohimbe 800mg might cause serious negative effects and interact with some drugs. It is not suitable for everyone, particularly those with heart problems, high blood pressure, or anxiety disorders. Before taking this product, you must consult with a healthcare practitioner.

Q: What are the potential side effects of Yohimbe 800mg?

A: Side effects of Yohimbe 800mg may include increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, anxiety, dizziness, nausea, and headaches. In some cases, it can lead to more severe reactions, including cardiac events. Individuals with pre-existing medical conditions or those taking medications should exercise caution.