Top 12 Tips How To Gain Body Weight In One month

Desire to gain weight has been to many people and a large number of people find it difficult to gain weight faster within one month.

That is because your body has a certain set point of weight where it feels comfortable.

For instance, whether you try to go under your set point (lose weight) or overweight (gain weight) your body resists changes by regulating your hunger level and metabolic rate.

Importance of eating more calories

Eating more calories is one of the best ways to gain weight rapidly.

You can expect your body to respond by reducing your appetite and boosting your metabolism.

This is largely mediated by your brain as well as weight-regulating hormones like leptin.             

This may not be as easy as such, because at a time you may need to force yourself to eat despite feeling stuffed.

In the long run, changing your weight is dedication, perseverance, and consistency is the key to long-term success and not a miracle.

Tips to gain weight within one month

1. Eat a balanced diet

Healthy eating habits are the core to a better life.

It helps prevent several chronic illnesses such as certain cancer, diabetes, hypertension, obesity and overweight among others.

In fact, eat a balanced diet rich in carbs, calories and proteins can help you gain weight faster.

Proteins help in building new muscles and recovery of worn-out cells.

On the other hand, according to PubMed, foods rich in calories and carbs are fattening and provides enough energy for the synthesis of new tissues.

Therefore, eating a balanced diet rich in carbs, calories, and protein is all you need to do for faster muscle gain within a month.

According to Figueiredo and Smith, you need to watch your portion size per day and ensure you do a combination of carbs and protein (120 grams of carbs and 40 grams of protein) for faster muscle growth.

This is the best way to gain weight faster within one month without using any supplements.

how to gain body weight in one month

 2. Go to the gym and lift heavyweight

Exercise is the best thing you can do for a faster muscle gain.

In fact, Winett and Carpinelli posited that resistance training helps in turning your excess body fats to fit. It also help you to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases like a heart attack.

Therefore, go to the gym  and perform resistance training. After gym, consumes high calorie, proteins and complex carbohydrates.

This will help in muscle recovery and faster muscle growth. It will also prevent fatigue.

Doing exercise and eating well after gym are the most important factors to consider for faster weight gain within one month.

However, you need to start some workout programs and set a realistic gym workout routine for effective weight gain.

This is the best way to gain weight faster within one month without using any kind of supplements.

3. Eat more often to gain weight faster

Eating regularly will optimize your calorie and carbs intake.

It will also boost your protein intake for faster muscle gain.

Actually, studies suggest that eating too often can result in faster weight gain and it is the main cause of overweight in most children.

Therefore, when you are skinny and want to gain weight faster, then consider eating more often.

Furthermore, food will help you gain strength and boost the body’s muscle glycogen stores and stimulates the growth of new tissues.

This will enable you to gain weight faster and easier.

Therefore, squeeze in additional meals or snacks whenever you can to gain weight faster within one month.

4. Don’t drink excess water before a meal

Water can suppress your appetite and make you eat fewer calories and protein.

In fact, excess water fills your stomach and makes you reduce your craving for food.

It makes you full and feels satisfied.  This makes it even harder to get in enough calories, carbs, and protein.

Although, you should stay hydrated throughout the day as water helps regulate metabolic rate and helps in temperature stabilization.

Furthermore, water is a major component of the body fluid and when your body is dehydrated, then your risk of other chronic illnesses can be higher. 

For that matter, ensure you drink enough water, however, don’t drink excess water before meals to enable you to gain weight safely.

5. Try weight gainers

If you are really struggling then you can try weight gainer shakes for faster weight gain and a bigger body muscles.

The weight gainer supplements or the best dietary supplements can help you gain strength and boost the body’s muscle glycogen stores and stimulates the growth of new tissues.

They are very rich in protein, carbs, and calories that aids in faster weight gain within one month.

Supplementing with the best weight gainer supplements is very important. You can also use whey protein to optimize your protein intake for faster weight gain.

So you can purchase and give it a try and I promise you, the result will be amazing. 

6. Eat dairy products like milk 

Sweeten yogurt is very rich in calories and can help you gain weight faster. It also nutrient-dense and can prevent certain chronic diseases.

In fact, milk is very essential to our health and drinking milk can improve our immune system and protects the body against toxin infections.

Studies show that milk can help reduce skin rashes, and other cardiovascular diseases as it is rich in anti-inflammatory properties.

Therefore, having two to three glasses of milk a day is better for faster weight gain.

Especially, drinking whole milk to quench thirst is a simple way to get in more high-quality of protein and calories.

How to gain body weight faster

Other dairy products can also aid in weight gain as they are rich in protein, and calories.

7. Use large plates for more complex carbs

Stop being shy, start using big plates that will help you eat more calories and protein for faster weight gain within one month.

The fact is, using large plates if you are trying to gain bigger body muscles is the best thing since smaller plate causes people to automatically eat less.

Also, make sure you first eat protein and calories rich food in your plate and minimize vegetables.

Starting with protein foods and calorie-rich food will help you optimize your protein intake for weight gain.

However, when you start with vegetables, you will feel full faster since vegetables are rich in soluble fiber that may also suppress your appetite reducing your calorie intake.

So be smart if you want to gain weight faster within one month.

8. Add cream for more calories intake

Creams are high in calories and sugar, which are linked to weight gain.

Actually, eating calorie-dense foods is the easiest way to gain weight faster.

Most bodybuilders ensure that they eat food-rich in calories and optimizes their daily calorie intake to gain their big muscles like Kai Greene. 

The only way to maximize your calorie intake is by adding cream to your coffee every time you take coffee drink.

In fact, cream is one of the nutrient-rich in calories, so consider adding a spoonful into your coffee for a greater result.

Ensure you eat 700–1,000 calories if you want to gain weight fast.

9. Use supplements for faster weight gain

Most bodybuilders use some of the best dietary supplements in the world to gain weight. Others even use the steroid for a bigger body.

But is it worth it? I think supplements may be good, however, they can lead to several chronic diseases especially, steroids.

Therefore, you need to use supplements as per the prescriptions on the label on SAPs.

Take supplements such as creatine, BCAAs, whey protein, Animal Pak and many others can be better for weight gain than steroids.

The fact is, this supplement will boost your muscle growth as they help you gain a few pounds in muscle weight.

However, excessive use may be harmful to your health and you need doctor’s advice.

Therefore, adhere to the prescriptions in order to gain weight faster and safely.

It is better for gym-goers.

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10 Eat More protein to gain weight

Proteins are the bodybuilding foods that you can eat for faster weight gain.

It also helps prevent loss of muscles and prevent other chronic diseases(20).

Therefore,  if you have varieties of food on the table, then eat your protein first and vegetable last.

This will help you maximize the intake of more protein and calories that aids in faster weight gain within one month.

So be smarter and achieve your primary goals effectively.

11. Get enough sleep

Sleep is the most essential thing you can do after taking the best diet rich in protein, and calories.

The reality is, sleep help prevent chronic disorders such as anxiety disorders and many more.

Furthermore, research has proved that sleep can lift your moods, prevent chronic disorders and boost your mental health(21).

In addition, good sleep helps in the recovery and repair of worn-out cells. It helps in muscle development and growth.

Therefore, for faster weight gain, then purpose to get good sleep. Click to see 14 amazing benefits of good sleep.

12. Quit smoking and drug abuse 

If you are smoking, then it is the right time to stop smoking and gain weight faster.

Tobacco contains harmful substances that interfere with blood flow.

This can lower your immune system. It also causes other serious chronic illnesses that can hinder your weight gaining progress(22).

Furthermore, several studies show that smoking has several negative effects that can lead to sudden death.

Therefore, for faster weight gain within one month, then quit smoking.

Finally, avoid drug abuse. Avoid using marijuana, miraa, bhang and other illicit drugs.

These drugs are very harmful to your health and can cause cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and many others(23).

So for effective weight gain within one month, just avoid the drugs for your overall health.

Bottom line

Smoking is very harmful to your overall health. It can lead to chronic illnesses that can lead to death. It is also liked to decrease in weight. You need also to quit drug abuse. They are also linked to several diseases.

Summing it up

Nothing is possible, you can achieve whatever you want, providing your determined, consistency, discipline and faithful to the set goals you want to achieve.

In addition, to gain weight you need to drink milk,  use weight gainer shakes, add cream to your coffee, and eat more often.

Also, eat a balanced diet with high calorie, protein, and carbs you can also join a gym or start exercise routine program.